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other pollutants by
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A new vision comes to life…..

Who we are

GTS Logistics UK Ltd is a new subsidiary of GTS Spa and we are one of the leading private Italian intermodal transport companies.

We are here to provide local customer management and fast response to our UK based customers.

We are lead in the UK by Tony Prescott with a wealth of experience in intermodal transport.

What we do

We provide door to door full load services serving Italy,Turkey,Greece, Benelux,France,UK,Ireland and Scandinavia

We run our own GTS Rail trains covering all regions of Italy with daily connections linking also to Benelux and France.

We also provide Terminal to Terminal services for companies to rail their own equipment on our GTS Rail network trains.

How we work

The GTS UK team is your dedicated local contact for your transport needs linking the UK with Italy, Turkey, Greece, Benelux

We use our own assets - 1800 x 45’ containers and GTS Rail trains with own locomotives and rail platforms.

This ensures control, reliability and cost effective intermodal transport.

We are passionate about customer care and will go the extra mile to provide the best solutions for your business.

Why Intermodal

It supports your Sustainability goals

Excellent cost / quality ratio

Lower cost than road

The sensible solution with 75% less CO2

EU policy to increase rail to 30% of transport over 300 kms

Better security of your goods

Why GTS ?

Vertical integration with own GTS Trains

Reliable,cost effective Green Transport Solutions

Our passion for customer care

Efficiency with 98% certified on time

We are the Italian specialists

GTS Equipment

1800 x 45ft pallet-wide containers

8 company owned rail locomotives

280 rail platforms

700 European customers

5 offices Italy,Benelux,UK

GTS Network

We serve Italy (all regions), Turkey, Greece, Benelux, France, UK, Ireland and Scandinavia

Transit times to/from UK

GTS offers reliable intermodal transit times by using our own GTS Rail network.

GTS UK can provide Green Transport Solutions both to and from UK/Benelux for all regions of Italy, Turkey and Greece.


GTS UK Ltd new office

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GTS UK at the Munich T&L Fair Munich 5-8th May.

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